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Providing The Services Of An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

Beau J. Jacob, Attorney at Law, has more than 30 years of legal experience. He has been admitted to the bar in three states, including California. He has chosen to develop his law firm as a general law practice rather than specialize in one or two areas. This allows him to serve clients across Santa Clara County and the South Bay Area in an accessible and cost-effective manner.

Protect Your Legacy With Estate Planning

Life is uncertain, but being forward-thinking about how you want your estate to be distributed after you die can ease confusion for your loved ones. We offer assistance in building a basic estate planning package, which may include:

  • A last will and testament
  • A trust to make asset and property transfers easier
  • Powers of attorney for medical and financial matters
  • Advance medical directives

We can also advise you about the tax consequences of various estate planning strategies, including wills and trusts.

The Benefits Of A Will Concerning Your Estate

A properly worded will can go a long way toward helping you achieve your estate planning goals. But because of the California legal requirements concerning the validity of wills, retaining the services of a skilled estate planning lawyer can be essential.

A will provides many benefits. It expresses your intentions regarding distribution of your estate. A will provides directions to your executor in handling your estate. A listing of your belongings allows potential beneficiaries to understand what precisely is in your estate. This, in turn, will make the distribution process more efficient and less costly. Also, by listing your clear intentions, disputes concerning your estate are minimized. It decreases the chances that a court will make determinations regarding your estate instead of you.

There are also benefits to having a will that many individuals do not even know exist. For example, you can even appoint a guardian for your children in your will. And a will expresses your wishes concerning any funeral service.

With the added benefits a will provides, it is also important to understand that mistakes made when drafting a will can be costly. Mistakes can lead to expensive and lengthy will contests. Unclear provisions in the will may ultimately mean the court will decide how to divide your estate.

What Else Can Our Firm Do For You? Find Out Today.

We are proud to be a general full-service law firm. We can help you with other legal services beyond what is mentioned on this website. To find out if our firm is a good fit for your needs, call our Morgan Hill office at 669-219-2007 or email us. If we cannot help you, our attorney will ensure that you are referred to a legal professional who can.

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