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Starting your own business can be a thrilling adventure if it is done properly. Beau J. Jacob, Attorney at Law, can help you weigh considerations that will impact the legal structure you select, such as the backgrounds and assets of other business partners involved or whether you would benefit from issuing stock and paying shareholders. We have helped local business owners start limited liability companies, C-corporations, S-corporations, sole proprietorships and limited partnerships.

Once your company is up and running, you can turn to us with business law questions, including ones related to contracts, nondisclosure agreements, stock purchase agreements and human resources.

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We are proud to be a general full-service California law firm. We can help you with other legal services beyond what is mentioned on this website. To find out if our firm is a good fit for your needs, call our Morgan Hill office at 669-219-2007 or email us. If we cannot help you, our lawyer will ensure that you are referred to a legal professional who can.

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