Experienced And Cost-Effective Legal Representation

Life is complicated enough; having to hire a different attorney for every challenge is a hassle. Beau J. Jacob, Attorney at Law provides guidance with criminal defense, DUI arrests, estate planning and more.

Skilled Legal Advocacy For The South Bay Area

Accessible And Responsive Legal Help For Life’s Challenges

Legal headaches produce stress. The firm of Beau J. Jacob, Attorney at Law, exists to relieve them. I operate a small law firm because I enjoy being able to provide exemplary access to my clients. I also believe that having a lower overhead should result in affordable rates for my clients.

I understand that you need answers to your questions as soon as possible when you call us. I offer flexible appointment scheduling and a free initial consultation. If your situation demands it, I can meet with you at home, on weekends, in the hospital or in jail.

A Track Record Of Success To Serve You

I can help you in a variety of legal situations as your needs change over time. The wide range of my successful legal practice includes criminal defense, DUI defense, estate planning and business transaction law matters, including business formation.

With more than 30 years’ legal experience, I provide trusted legal advocacy and familiarity with the court system and judges of the South Bay Area.

I Take Your Case Seriously And Fight To Win

My goal is to craft a positive resolution for you, whether you face a civil or a criminal issue. I serve clients across Santa Clara County from my office in Morgan Hill.